Where can you download or find Adobe ColdFusion 9 versions these days? Nowhere it seems since the links on the ColdFusion download pages no longer include any CF products prior to CF 10. Most likely this is due to Adobe now pushing CF 10 and 11 and maybe (just a maybe) in part due to the fact that the source for all Adobe products was stolen in late 2013 of which included CF 9 (a mishap of which you can read more about

I have future plans to create an Octopress Boostrap theme however in the meantime I’ve had an immediate desire for implementing a modal window for displaying large images.

Upon searching around I found Brian Clapper’s A Simple Octopress Image Popup Plugin blog post on a plugin that he created. His plugin is great however I really like Twitter Bootstrap, not that I’m not a fan of jQuery UI but I definitely don’t like jQuery UI’s popup dialog as it seems old and outdated. So I came up a derivitive of Brian’s plugin for implementing a Boostrap Modal window instead and also included a minor image float\aligment enhancement as well.

You can see a live example of this plugin in one of my previous blog posts jQuery Validation With Twitter Bootstrap

For the plugin and source checkout the plugin from my GitHub repo, octopress-BootstrapModal. Fork it, make updates and enjoy.

I was recently working on a site that uses an older version (1.1 to be exact) of the Autocomplete jQuery plugin originally developed by Jörn Zaefferer. I was trying to implement the ability when clicking on one of the suggested items\results to fire some event, say submit a form. After searching for a while I could only find the solution for newer versions of the Autocomplete plugin though I finally found the settings for version 1.1.

Validation Example Easy integration of the jQuery Validation/Validator plugin by Jörn Zaefferer with Twitter Bootstrap forms.

When I first had a need for this I came across David Cochran’s article which was great however I wanted a global Validator rule since I had many forms within the site I was working on and I didn’t want to include a solution to each form’s instantiation or set of rules. I also needed a solution that worked with Boostraps input append and prepend elements, so I came up with the following.

I mainly use Windows for my job and use ToritiseSVN for working with Subversion Repos. Tortise is a great visual SVN tool and does everything I need. To be honest it’s the only SVN GUI that I’ve used so far on Windows so I’m not saying that there aren’t other great Windows SVN tools out there. This topic though is about Tortise and it’s file comparisons via TortiseMerge for viewing changes or differences between revisions.

I’m not really a fan of TortiseMerge. I’m sure there are some settings that I could change here and there to make it better however I really like Beyond Compare for file comparisons so I wanted to talk about setting Beyond Compare as TortiseSVNs default “Diff Viewer” program.

Hello world, I’ve wanted to start a personal blog for some time now as to share my thoughts on many subjects and more importantly my software development experiences. So I’ve been inspecting different blog software for a few weeks now from Wordpress to a few ColdFusion (CFML) blogs like BlogCFC and MangoBlog. Even considered the Xindi and Mura CMS engines to be used as a blog. Since I program primarily in ColdFusion these days I was aiming for a blog written with CFML. Then one day I stumbled upon Octopress, I don’t recall how or why exactly however I was at work so I “starred” the Repo on GitHub for viewing later.