I mainly use Windows for my job and use ToritiseSVN for working with Subversion Repos. Tortise is a great visual SVN tool and does everything I need. To be honest it’s the only SVN GUI that I’ve used so far on Windows so I’m not saying that there aren’t other great Windows SVN tools out there. This topic though is about Tortise and it’s file comparisons via TortiseMerge for viewing changes or differences between revisions.

I’m not really a fan of TortiseMerge. I’m sure there are some settings that I could change here and there to make it better however I really like Beyond Compare for file comparisons so I wanted to talk about setting Beyond Compare as TortiseSVNs default “Diff Viewer” program.

Below are some simple instructions on setting Beyond Compare as Tortise’s default Diff Viewier. Please note that my current versions are BC 3.3.4 and TortiseSVSN 1.7.6.

  1. Get to the Tortise’s Settings somehow:
    • Start Menu > Programs > TortiseSVN > Settings
    • Right click somewhere in Windows Explorer to get the Context Menu. Go to TortiseSVN > Settings
  2. From the Settings window find the External Programs section on the left listing. Expand it if it isn’t already.
  3. Click the Diff Viewier item
  4. Under “Configure the program used for comapring different revisions of files” area select the External radio button.
  5. Click the find button (…) and locate BCompare.exe in your respective Program Files > Beyond Compare 3 folder.
  6. Click Open
  7. I also like to set BC as my Merge Tool which you can find under Diff Tool of the settings listing.
  8. Complete steps the similar steps as you did for the Diff Viewer by selecting External and finding the BCompare executable.